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California bumping Vegas rapper King Guru Beatz “Pillow Talking” after thinking he was from LA

Las Vegas producer and rapper got a lot of unexpected streams and playlist placements on SoundCloud and Spotify after releasing his newest single “Pillow Talking” feat. Fu Nu. The song was distributed through United Masters and was officially released on Oct. 1 but was exclusively pre released on the streaming platform SoundCloud Sept. 25.

The single received over 10,000 streams in just the first 24hrs along with over 250 reposts. Statistics showed that majority of the streams came from LA, San Francisco and Sacramento all California cities. The beat which was also produced by King Guru Beatz has a Bay Area sound to it which is most likely why when the song showed up on release radar and suggested new music listeners assumed he was a California artist.

After the songs official release King Guru Beatz Spotify followed in the same footsteps as SoundClou with his monthly listeners jumping from just 500 to almost 4000. The song was also placed on the official Spotify Release Radar and best new hip hop 2021 along with 17 other curated playlists. Click the link to stream on all platforms now.

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