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Hells Angels riders shot Vagos motorcycle club members on highway, Henderson police report says

Hells Angels and Vagos motorcycle members were seen at Memorial Day events leading up to a shooting on US 95 that injured seven people, according to an arrest report from Henderson Police.

Richard Devries, 66, Stephen Alo, 46, and Russell Smith, 26, were all arrested in connection with the shooting on May 29 on US 95 near College Drive in Henderson.

An arrest report by HPD said it was initially reported that Hells Angels members shot two

Vagos members on the highway. Six people were transported to Sunrise Hospitals with injuries, two of which were critically injured, HPD said. A seventh person self-transported with non life-threatening injuries.

HPD said Vagos members were riding the Flags Over Dam ride that started in Boulder City on Sunday. While setting up to start the ride, five Hells Angels prospect members were seen riding around, the report said.

The Vagos members then head to Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery, HPD said. “While at the cemetery, the same five Hells Angels prospects drove through the cemetery and began to cause problems,” according to the arrest report. The Hells Angels members reportedly left the cemetery about 15-20 minutes prior to the Vagos members leaving.

“We pull in at the same time that motorcycles pull in and my husband saw a prospect for the Hells Angels riding through and saw the Vagos and felt tense and said this doesn’t seem comfortable,” an anonymous source who was at the ceremony said.

“They were revving their engines and being really loud. Disrespectful to the whole ceremony and to all the people that were there for this special occasion,” they said. “It just made it really tense and very uncomfortable. As soon as the ceremony was over, my husband and I went straight to our car and left.”

The Vagos riders were traveling northbound on US 95 near Wagon Wheel in a single lane. Multiple Hells Angels members were then riding in the two other lanes and approaching Vagos members, the report said.

Hells Angels riders began to kick Vagos members, trying to knock them over, the report said. Then one Hells Angels member stood up on the motorcycle and began shooting at one of the Vagos members, the arrest report said.

An anonymous witness called 911 and said the Hells Angels members were on the side of the freeway waiting, the report said. Video obtained by the witness showed the Hells Angels riders waiting on the highway, HPD said.

Boulder City police said multiple Hells Angels members were at Coffee Cup Cafe earlier that day, the report said. Police identified the members as Devries, the president of the Hells Angels Las Vegas chapter, and Alo and Smith as Hells Angels prospects. A fourth Hells Angels member was also listed as being at the cafe, the report said.

Police used cellphone data to track the suspect’s movements leading up to the shooting and placed them on US 95 at the time of the shooting, the report said. Devries, Alo and Smith face the following charges:

  • 6 counts Attempt Murder with a Deadly Weapon

  • 6 counts Battery with use of a Deadly Weapon causing Substantia Bodily Harm(criminal gang enhancement)

  • 6 counts Disharge Gun at/into Occupied Structure/Vehicle (criminal gang enhancement)

  • 1 count Conspiracy to Commit Murder with Deadly Weapon

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