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Icewear Vezzo confirms Vegas show canceled because of metro police but is Philthy Rich to blame?

Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo was scheduled to preform at a private location here in Sin City yesterday that had been being promoted for about a month with local talent such as Hitman Beatz AkA Hellgang Hitty and MoneyWade opening up for him. Tickets were being sold by performers for $40 and there seemed to be no issues coming from local officials during the promotion going on for the show which Vezzo himself promoted on his Instagram profile.

A recently deleted video post on Vezzo’s Instagram profile he stated that Philthy Rich would be joining in the show who isn’t and never was originally on the flyer which would imply that he was added to the show at the last minute.

At the end of May after the Devin Haney fight Philthy was involved in an altercation in the casino where plenty of police were involved and broke things up…well tried to at least because blows were still thrown apparently and somebody got “packed out“ according to videos posted all over the internet.

Now with this incident happening just last month and the Vezzo‘s show being canceled after him being added to it after being promoted for weeks with no issues it would seem obvious why Metro police decided to have the event canceled days before it was scheduled to take place. But there’s been no official statement about it so who knows 🤷🏾‍♂️

Stream Icewear Vezzo newest video featuring Future below 💯

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