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Landmark grocery store in Las Vegas’ Historic Westside undergoing major expansion [video]

On Tuesday, Mario’s Westside Market received $1 million to expand and become a larger, more upscale business.

Mario’s has been serving the 89106 community for more than 25 years.

“Just a little bit of everything for everyone that comes in this area,” said marketgoer Kent Butler.

From groceries to southern food, Butler has been going to the market to get all his favorites for 10 years.

Mario’s Westside Market will move its storefront to a former CVS building that sits right next door to the current market which O’Connor said is double the size of his current market.

“Like we are so tight on space,” said O’Connor. “We have probably only 12 feet of produce and now we are going to have over 30 feet of produce over there. Everything is going to be bigger and better.”

O’Connor said the current building is also run down and always in need of repairs and is thankful to offer a new and improved market to the underserved community.

“It has been great to us and hopefully we can give some back,” said O’Connor.

“You know it is really great,” said Butler. “Building up the community on the north side.”

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