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Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak extends state's eviction moratorium to end of May

SOURCE-LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak on Tuesday announced the state's eviction moratorium will be extended through the end of May, ending 30 days before the federal moratorium put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sisolak said Nevada's eviction moratorium "will not be extended again."

He said the extension is part of a "large-scale transition period" in the state. Recently, Sisolak announced the state would be transitioning COVID-19 mitigation efforts to the counties.

The state partnered with counties for rental assistance programs and eviction mediation programs, Sisolak said, but there is "still more work to be done."

Part of the emergency directive, he said, includes requiring landlords to provide information on rental assistance programs and how tenants can access them when giving notice.

Sisolak said this extension will allow time for the state's stakeholders to inform the public on ways they can stay in their homes, as well as ensuring eviction prevention processes are working and available.

Regarding the CDC moratorium, Sisolak noted each state has different eviction laws. The federal moratorium will stay in place 30 days after Nevada's expires, and in that period, Sisolak said eviction filings will be accepted by the court, but renters will still be protected from eviction in that period.

"Housing is health care during the [COVID-19] pandemic, and extending the eviction moratorium will help many Nevadans as the state gets rental assistance out the door and our economy begins to recover," tweeted Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto during the press conference.

The governor was joined on Tuesday afternoon by Shannon Chambers, president of the board of directors from Home Means Nevada, Kevin Schiller, the assistant county manager for Clark County, Majority Leader Cannizzaro and Speaker Frierson.

Chambers said there were about 3,500 eviction cases in the court system as of Tuesday. She said she has seen data for Clark County that places between 5 and 7% of renters at risk of eviction.

Clark County said they are accepting applications for the CARES Housing Assistance Program (CHAP). Anyone who needs assistance was encouraged to apply.

"Since July, the County has helped more than 22,500 households with rent or mortgage assistance through federally funded grant programs," said Erik Pappa with Clark County.

Currently, there are 23,500 applications pending, Pappa said. More than 23,000 were notified via email to make the updates.

Schiller said anyone with a pending application should go through the updated CHAP portal to update their application to fit the 2021 requirements for funding.

"We are expecting about $129 million in additional funding for this second assistance program from the state and neighboring cities. The combined $161 million is expected to be enough to help 40,000 households," he said.

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