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Thee Goddess has been on fire these passed few months Debut Album Artist Spotlight [Video]

Female MC Thee Goddess has been completely dominating the Las Vegas music scene since the release of her debut album “Deification“ which recently dropped on Sept. 21st. The album features her hit singles “Wussup” and “Queen Of The State”. You can stream the album here

She took the stage at the Las Vegas Pride Festival and was without a doubt the star out of the other performances keeping the crowd restless the entire set. Not only has she been on top of it when it comes to the music she also has been active in the community and motivating the Las Vegas youth. She was a special partner with Rescue The Children for their Halloween Extravaganza event at the Walnut Rec center this passed month.

Her next and upcoming show will be Saturday Nov. 13th where she will be competing against 9 other artists for a cash prize as well as radio play and other incentives, the event is free to the public and will be taking place at The Mixer Lounge.

Check out here most recent performances with the artist spotlight compilation.

You can follow and hear all of her music here at

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