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Thee Goddess wins cash prize at One Mic event one rapper was not happy “The booty shaking B*tch…”

Last night 10 artists competed in the “One Mic” event for a cash prize of $700 along with a radio placement which would put them in rotation for a total of 4 months bringing the total value to $1000.


Thee Goddess showed up and showed out as expected and stole the crowd yet again which resulted in her tying with Melrose Moe who also hit the stage with matching energy and stage presentation. But everybody knows here in Las Vegas there is no such thing as a tie or a draw so a winner had to be selected by the judges.

@Melrose_Moe1 @_Thee.Official.Goddess

When it comes to Las Vegas rappers you have those who want to see everybody win and are humble when it comes to competing or just a topic/list of top artist in the city. Then you have the bitter rappers who can’t take any type of constructive criticism and when it comes to competition if they don’t come out on top they feel robbed or cheated when in reality they just were outdone by another artist who was better plain and simple.

At the end of the night Thee Goddess was announced the winner of the competition and took home the bag. After being announced the winner one of the other competing artists Lando4k went into a rage and was upset that not only he lost but neither tied with Thee Goddess. He was so erotic and disrespectful that security had to escort him out of The Mixer Lounge. He then took to his Instagram to let out his frustration saying he “needed the money” and referring to Thee Goddess as “the booty shaking b*tch”.

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